We at First Car Hire thank you for your warm response to our service. We endeavor to provide all our clients with a reliable and comfortable ride across the city. Please do keep us updated with your feedback, as that will help us stay motivated and continue to improve and deliver excellent service- to you.

Some feedback from our clients…

"Excellent service. Please keep it up. U ARE A GREAT BOON TO US. Please ENSURE IT RUNS CONTINOUSLY"
Bank Manager, Pradeep Daniel

"First Car Hire is doing a great job. You should also have 'Street Pickup'."
Mathew K

"This is the first time I hired the First Car Hire from Airport to Kochi. I'm totally satisfied with the experience. I look forward to using the service whenever I need a cab for a planned schedule. I have registered myself on the website."
Swapnil Kolte "It was my First experience with First Car Hire and I must say that I am impressed. Keep it up, First Car Hire."
Kaushik Dasgupta

"Extremely satisfying experience. The chauffer was brilliant and a very trustworthy man. Employ more peple like him- he is an ideal driver."
Jatayu Sen