Malabar Magic - Mysore,Coorg,Bekal Fort,Valiyaparamba Beach

Duration: 12 Nights/13 Days
Total Distance : 2000
Cities Covered:Kozhikode, Mysore,Coorg,Bekal Fort,Valiyaparamba Beach, Nileswaram,Tellicherry,Kappad,


1 Day: Arrival in Khozikode (Calicut) Transfer to the hotel.. Calicut was a major trading post long before the arrival of Europeans. Mainly Arab merchants sent from here precious woods, pepper and other spices to the west. To date, North Kerala is influenced by Islam, the "Moplas" said Muslims are regarded as particularly tolerantund cosmopolitan and live in good agreement with Hindus and Christians. The Great Mosque in the style of a Hindu temple is a fine example of the cultural tradition of peaceful co-existence.


2 Day: Continue on Kappad Beach where Vasco da Gama over 500 years ago went ashore after Thallassery. Move stop in Mahe, part of the former French territory of Pondicherry Union and is notorious for easily available and tax-free alcohol. In Thallassery you have the opportunity to see the typical home of a Muslim family nordkeralitischen. In the spacious buildings clans live with well over 100 members.

3 Day: North Kerala is home to the famous Kalaripayattu, the supposedly oldest martial sport in the world. Early morning visit to a Kalari Gurukal where young men (and now even young women) to learn and practice the martial arts and closely related ayurvedic techniques before daily work. Day trip along the coast to Kannur, where highly reminiscent over the harbor bay Fort St. Angelo to the Portuguese rule. Along the way you can visit the mission station, where Hermann Schwabe Gundert (grandfather of the poet Hermann Hesse), the first grammar and dictionary of the first keralitischen language written in the 19th century. In the evening visit to the temple Parassinikkadavu. There is worshiped Sri Mutthapan. Mutthapan means grandfather, and this divine grandpa (especially for Hindus) all unholy appetites: alcohol and meat or fish. In this temple almost every night is celebrated in the Theyyam ritual incantations dramatic demons stand in the focus in striking costumes and fire. For the night it goes back to Thallassery.


4 Day: Transfer to Nileshwaram where you will board a boat and cruise through the backwaters. The backwaters of North Kerala are at least as enchanting as those south of Cochin, but not run in any case as above. Only three houseboats cruising thus the romantic wonderland between palms and coast. On the way stop at an island and take a walk at a snake temple in a grove that has a horde of about 100 monkeys chosen as headquarters. In the late afternoon you reach the island Padanna. Here the inhabitants of five villages have started a unique tourism project in the Backwaters: Oyster Opera, where everything revolves around the theme of shells, fish and oysters. Three simple but tastefully furnished bungalows built with local building materials - Lateritsteinen, bamboo, palm wood - on the edge of the backwaters, plus a floating bamboo houses and on stilts perched forming "skyscraper" with fantastic views over the countryside are available for guests. The hosts are families from the surrounding villages, they provide the food, of course, only the regional products are used in the on the table, keep the room clean and organize boat trips and bike tours or sightseeing in the area. The people here grow different species of mussels and oysters, and have developed special harvesting methods that you like to show the guests and even teach on request. Throughout the day you can watch on the backwaters around the various activities. Fishermen set nets between the boats and chase the fish into the trap by tapping with the oar on the water and hitting the board wall. Others throw from fishing, still others catch fish with his bare hands. Women complain their heads with bags of sand, to dive and mussels, oysters and shrimp zuholen from the depths.


5 Day: Leisure and activities around Oyster Opera. So you can be reconciled with the boat to the nearby Valiyaparamba-beach, where the backwaters open to the sea and where you have sun and sand exclusively for themselves. A very special experience is a ride in the moonlight through the romantic canals.


6 Day: Leisure and activities around Oyster Opera. You can, for example, a trip to one hour drive away Bekal Fort company, soon to be the center of a region with several beach hotels. Currently, there are only a reasonably well-equipped camp with tents (each mitDusche and toilet). The largest fort on the coast of Kerala comes from the first Häfte 17th Century and served, among other things Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, as a fortress, ammunition and rockets reportedly similar as a test station for the use of weapons.


7 Day - Coorg - trip through the Western Ghats of Coorg. The mountainous region still belongs to the state of Karnataka, however, is famous for its spirit of independence and the melancholy of their people. It is said that the inhabitants of Coorg by Macedonian soldiers came from that once came with Alexander the Great to India. The road winds in steep curves in the mountains and offers a view of evergreen valleys with coffee plantations. Midst of such plantations, the hotel is located on a pond Orange Countymalerisch. Night at Coorg.


8 Day: Coorg - visit the nearby Tibetan enclave of Bylakuppe: Located in South India hatsich here Himalaya established, with stupas, Tibetan handicrafts and Buddhist monks in exile. After the Lama S.H. Penor Rinpoche left Tibet in 1963, he started in Bylakuppe, South India, the monastery Thegchog Namdrol Shedrup Dargyeling (Namdroling Monastery) build. It is the largest monastery outside Tibet. Today, the monastery has a Sangha of over 5,000 lamas, monks and nuns, with a primary school, a higher educational institution, a retreat center, a nunnery, a nursing home and a hospital. Enroute visit the elephant camp of Dubare where labor and temple elephants are trained. You can beonachten training, and watch the feeding and care. There is also an opportunity for a small elephant ride. Overnight in Orange County.


9 Day: Coorg - Morning transfer to Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. Afternoon boat ride on the Kabini River, which can usually see large herds of elephants. There are also good opportunities to observe crocodiles and wild cattle and different species of deer. Good luck you need to get one of the 60 Tigers of the National Park before the camera. Nevertheless, the NagarholeNational Park is considered the best place for Tiger beobachtungenin South India. Overnight at the resort.


10th Day: morning and afternoon safaris by boat or jeep in Nagarhole National Park. Overnight at the resort.


11th Day: Mysore - Passing banyan avenues it is today to Mysore. About Mysore is still the splendor of past centuries and the pride ruler. At the same time, the city is synonymous with silk, jasmine and sandalwood. Afternoon stroll through the bustling Devaraja market. After visiting the royal house of the Chamundi Hills temple high above the city. Nearby is the larger than life, monolithic statue of the bull, "Nandi" to admire the legendary mount of Lord Shiva. Night.


12th Day trip to Srirangapatnam and Somnathpur. As "Tiger of Mysore" defended the ruler Tipu Sultan end of the 18th Century, its fortifications Srirangapatnam as one of the last bastions against the British - and lost! Tour of the ruined city. Route visit Tipu Sultan's summer palace with well-preserved murals. Continue to Somnathpur Keshava temple after, which is considered the most complete and best preserved masterpiece of Hoysala dynasty. Back in Mysore Amba Vilas afternoon you


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